Communication Solutions in Auckland

Homes and businesses are now more connected than they have ever been before. This connectivity
requires the proper installation of cabling to ensure communications are effective. Stragetic
data point locations and future proofing is the best solution to keep up with the constantly
evolving technology.

This is what we can do in your home or business. We offer structured cabling for data
and phone, patch panels and more. We have communcations solutions whether you are building
or renovating a property (where we can access the inside of walls before plasterboard is
applied) or if you have an existing property where wall access is not possible.
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Structured Cabling

Our team of experienced electricians will run cables throughout your home or business, ensuring
you have access to phone and data points where you need them. We will install these cables into
the walls of your home where possible. If not, we have alternative solutions to keep cables
out of sight.

Patch Panels

We will also install patch panels in the computer room or rack room of your business, giving
you control over data and telephone point configuration.